Google Text To Speech Connector

Reshuffle Google Text to Speech Connector

npm install reshuffle-google-connectors

ES6 import: import { GoogleTextToSpeechConnector } from 'reshuffle-google-connectors'

This is a Reshuffle connector that provides an Interface to the Google Text to Speech Client.


const connector = new GoogleText2SpeechConnector(app, {})
const sdk = connector.sdk()
const request = {
  input: { text: "Hello, pleased to meet you. Have a seat" },
  voice: { languageCode: 'en-US', ssmlGender: 'FEMALE' },
  audioConfig: { audioEncoding: 'MP3', effectsProfileId: ['handset-class-device'] }
const [response] = await sdk.synthesizeSpeech(request)

// an mp3 file is returned as response.audioContent

Configuration Options:

interface GoogleTextToSpeechConnectorConfigOptions {
  credentials: string

Connector events


Connector actions


Returns a Text to Speech client (See details on npm)

sdk() : TextToSpeechClient