Reshuffle Open Source on Elastic Beanstalk

This tutorial describes how to use the Elastic Beanstalk Command Line Interface (EB CLI) to deploy and monitor a Node.js application.


Have the following installed:

Steps to Deploy

Run the following commands from your project directory. 1. Create an Elastic Beanstalk environment - setup a new EB application by executing the following command

`$ eb init`

You will be prompted to select the following details:

a. A Region you would like to deploy the application in

b. Provide user credentials

c. Select a platform (Node.js)

d. Set up SSH for your instances
  1. Deploy

    In this step you will create and deploy the application on EB using the CLI. The application will be deployed to one Amazon EC2 instance in an Auto Scaling group and use an Elastic Load Balancer.

    $ eb create

    You will be prompted to select the following details:

    a. Environment Name

    b. DNS name

    c. Load Balancer type

  2. Monitor your application You can open the application, monitor it and view health by using the following commands

    $ eb open 
    $ eb status 
    $ eb health
  3. Re-deploy In order to deploy an update you should commit your code locally and run the eb deploy command

    $ git add . 
    $ git commit -m "Your change."
    $ eb deploy
  4. Terminate your application The following command will delete the running resources and the application

    $ eb terminate --all

More details can be found in the following links