Welcome to reshuffle.
A scripting platform for business workflows & integrations.

Simple, flexible, powerful.
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Create powerful integrations

Connect any system in your business, including SaaS applications, homegrown systems and even on-prem systems.

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Make your workflows smarter

Add built-in services like file format conversions, image processing and even AI services for language and computer vision.

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Build powerful apps

Add your custom services. We empower developers to create custom connectors and algorithms using standard coding tools.

Use the power of Reshuffle to

Reshuffle is a platform to connect all your business systems - including your home grown - and build powerful and flexible business flows, meeting your unique business needs. We allow you to connect your systems with simple and powerful scripts. Scripts can use builtin services like storage or AI, and you can build your own custom services and connectors to proprietary systems.

Easy to use.

Built-in integrations

Flexible and powerful.

Secure and trusted

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With low code
comes great flexibility.

We help customers revolutionize their business by connecting their systems and creating powerful flows and integrations.

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Built-in Connectors

Use any of our many built-in connectors to systems like Slack, Email, Twitter and many more.

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Built-in Services

Leverage our set of useful services, from file storage and database to NLP and AI.

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Custom Services

Connect any system by easily building your own custom services.