Reshuffle's Mission

Why we are building Reshuffle’s open source integration framework for developers.
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It’s 2020, and it is still hard to connect systems and build integrations. It is a big pain, and a challenge that is very common in many companies. The need for automation and a productive development environment is becoming even greater with more and more of our day-to-day work moving online.

With that in mind, we decided to focus our development platform, Reshuffle, to solve that challenge. We mapped several reasons why it’s so hard to build internal integrations:

  1. Unlike web servers, where you have Express, Apache and other great web servers, there is no good open-source integration server.
  2. While most code examples show you how to code in the public cloud, and how to connect to public SaaS services, we find that many developers need to run their workflows on their own cloud and connect to their own proprietary services.
  3. Managing configuration and credentials for the 3rd party systems you want to connect is a big pain.
  4. Different services provide their own unique APIs and SDKs, and do not provide a simple and standard way to program against.

So what if you had a development framework, at your fingertips, that has the following attributes:

  • A standard, open-source, and event-driven framework (IFTTT as a framework)
  • An easy way to set and share configuration and credentials
  • Works on every cloud or just on your own machine
  • Connects to many 3rd party services out of the box, but also lets you connect to others, or any homegrown services you desire.
  • Enables you to innovate rather than deal with boilerplate.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful? That is what we are building.

Help us by giving us feedback, and using Reshuffle to make your work life easier and better.